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 Today's newsletter is about statistics.

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PostSubject: Today's newsletter is about statistics.   09/04/15, 04:12 am


How are you holding up during prelaunch?

I hope you are looking around and getting familiar!

Today's newsletter is about statistics.

I want to make sure you understand the stats and what they mean.

So here it goes ....

Online : 18 - Hits Today : 1368 - Total Hits : 15659 - Ads Served : 12 - Total Free : 215 - Total Upgraded : 7 - Total Members : 222 - Total Payouts : $0.00 - Last Joined : okonokon

As you can see the above current statistics, it's pretty obvious what they mean right?

But what about the total upgraded members? I'll tell you what that mean, it means that is how many members who decided to upgrade their account to a higher membership level for more benefits.

It does not mean that there are only 7 people who are in a pay plan altogether.

You see, the script is waaaaaay different than other scripts!

CCS have so many options to fit every members needs and if there is anything you ever need to know, you can visit the FAQ's or read the homepage to get a better understanding on what your options are.


We have three different membership upgrade options: 7 members decided to take action now, congrats to them!

Silver membership:
Click Rate : 3x MORE
Ref Clicks : 3x MORE
Rented Limit : 275
Direct Ref limit : 275
Clicks to Earn : 7
Membership Terms : 30
Price : 4.00

Gold membership:
Click Rate : 5x MORE
Ref Clicks : 5x MORE
Rented Limit : 500
Direct Ref limit : 500
Clicks to Earn : 5
Membership Terms : 30
Price : 7.50

Platinum membership:
Click Rate : 10x MORE
Ref Clicks : 7x MORE
Rented Limit : 750
Direct Ref limit : 750
Clicks to Earn : 2
Membership Terms : 30
Price : 12.50

You see, CCS is not falling behind, we are right on time. We do expect to see more upgraded members within the first year, and tons of participating members whether it's them joining the cycler or rev share, purchasing ads, hanging out in the forum, or just simply stopping by to chat.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long newsletter, I do appreciate it!

Until next time, we shall chat again LOL.

Oh I forgot to mention our Facebook group. you can always find out newsletter updates in our Facebook group, so please join!

See you on the upside,
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Today's newsletter is about statistics.
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