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 Click Cycle Share Account Funding Open!

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PostSubject: Click Cycle Share Account Funding Open!   09/04/15, 09:35 pm

Hello cheers ,

Quick update to let you know that our account funding option is now open!

Please note that if you want to upgrade your account you will need to add funds for that and the pay plans.

The minimum deposit is only $1.50 and free members are allowed to earn and withdraw as well.

Just so you are clear, Our straight line cycler start at $1.50 up to $5.00 for the first line.

When you cycle the cycler line, you are paid double of your original investment.

The revenue share start at $10.00 and mature at $12.50 every 24 hours when you have clicked 10 ads for that day unless you upgraded your account.

Like I said, upgraded members click less qualifying ads that it take to earn their part of the rev share pool.

Example: Let's say you upgrade as a platinum members for $12.50, you will only need to click 2 ads instead of 10 to qualify for daily rev share earnings.

Upgraded members also get more PTC ads, you can earn up to $0.02 cents per click and $0.01 cent per referral click.

Free members also click ads and earn, upgraded members just get to click more ads - click rate is higher!

The minimum upgrade option is only $4.00 - the highest upgrade option is $12.50.

We also have PIF feature where you can transfer funds to another member from your members area!

We have referrals for rent: There are currently 41 referrals for rent.

Get ready! We go live in 4 more days. Get funded, refer your contacts, and get ready for a successful launch!

I am not worried about 5,000 members flooding the site at launch, we want a steady pace of members because we are not like other sites.

We are here to stay and last a long time!

Keep up to date on whats going on inside our Facebook group:

Thanks for taking the time to read another CCS newsletter update.

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Click Cycle Share Account Funding Open!
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